Get Fit For Summer After Quarantine

Let's be real, if you aren't wondering how to quickly shed some quarantine pounds as summer quickly kicks off and the world opens back up...then we probably can't be friends! Okay, just joking you know we love you regardless girl.  But, if you're like a lot of us (insert me raising my hand high) then this sudden reopening of the world post quarantine, at the exact same time as summer rolling out, might have you feeling a little extra motivated to get fit fast! 

So, we thought it would be fun to round up some cute tools to help you get on the right track. 

*this post contains affiliate links and we may get paid a commission if you purchase from our links. 

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Fitbit Inspire HR Activity Tracker with Small & Large Bands


Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch with bold color options 

Tracks heart rate, and fitness activity including calorie burning and goals. A motivating companion that helps you to stay on track! 


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Some type of workout mat or yoga mat for those in home workouts is a must.  Target has plenty to choose from.  This one is the Premium Fitness Mat by All In Motion and is under $30.   If you haven't seen their complete line of workout products, run now! (just joking you can walk at a very fast pace or simply click wink wink). 

You're probably going to want to look cute while working out...Target's got you covered for that.  There are many options starting at $12.  You can get this complete look for under $50.   Shorts and T-shirt are available XS-XXL and the sports bra S-XXL. 

Sports bra, women's health, workout clothes, fitness, All In Motion, Target, Boho Pretty

Fitness, Workout clothes, Biking shorts, Women's clothing, fitness, Boho Pretty, Target 


 Casual Style, Fitness, Workout Clothes, Women's Health, Target, Boho Pretty, T-shirt.jpg

Women's S Sport by Skechers Only $39.99 

 Women's Sport by Skechers, Loop Spacedye, Tennis Shoes, Sneakers, Fitness, Target, Boho Pretty.jpg

Sneakers with cushioned soles keep your feet comfortable as you walk, jog or workout at home or in the gym.  

Don't forget to stay hydrated while getting back into post quarantine shape. Target has a variety of options under $20.  

Simple Modern 25 oz Stainless Steel, Water Bottle, Fitness, Working Out, Target, Boho Pretty.jpg Simply Modern, Stainless Steel Scout, Watter Bottle, Blush Pink, Target, Boho Pretty, Fitness.jpg

  Here you have just a few  essential (and super cute) tools to help get you on the right track for shedding those quarantine pounds.  We would love to hear your favorite workout routines + must have items! Are you a workout from home kind of girl or is the gym a must for you?  









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