Small Business Saturday

Join Us for Small Business Saturday!

We will have Olive Tree Thriving designs and Wrapped in Lovely Popping Up again This Year!

Come Shop Small and Support Local Businesses! Make Sure To Grab a Map to Win Items from Several Downtown Goshen Merchants!

We Will Have Our Hot Cocoa Bar with Cupcakes and Other Yummy Treats and Special Drinks!

Swag Bags for the First 20 Guests with Purchase!

Take A Chance At Our Money Booth To Win Some Free Boho Bucks That Day!

We Will Be Running Our Black Friday Sales So Stay Tuned For Deals & Steals!
Meet The Small Business Buddies! 
April Clark With Wrapped In Lovely 
Hello, everyone! My name is April Clark and I am the designer/owner behind Wrapped in Lovely. Just a little bit about my business... Wrapped in Lovely started as a way for me to avoid a 9 to 5-type of summer job and turned into a creative outlet I just can’t give up. What can I say? I’m in love! ❤️ My heart literally skips a beat when I find a belt with a lot of character and potential. 
That being said, the majority of the cuffs and wraps I sell are made from upcycled belts with the option of adding a personalized handstamped metal plate. Just like each of us, every belt has a story, so even though there may be 2 or 3 of the same style of cuff made from one belt, no two cuffs are exactly the same. The way it was worn, the minor imperfections and variations make for a completely unique item that, once its gone, you won’t find the exact same thing again. It becomes even more personalized when a handstamped plate, with a message of your choosing, is added. When I say handstamped, I mean letter-by-letter, a hammer and letter stamp, no machines involved. They are truly cuffs that are uniquely you!
The power of words is an amazing thing. What better reminder and/or encouragement than a stylish piece of jewelry that’s been given new life and speaks directly into your own life? 
Check out some of the pieces I’ve done at
Thank you so much for learning more about Wrapped in Lovely! I’m so looking forward to Small Business Saturday at Boho Pretty and I would love it if you took the time to stop by and say hi!
Sara Smith- Olive Tree Thriving Designs 
Hello Goshen Small Business Saturday shoppers! I am Sara from Olive Tree Thriving designs and I’m so excited to see you at Boho Pretty this coming Saturday from 9-5 in Downtown Goshen!

*I make handmade aromatherapy diffuser bracelets. Pictured below are just a small sampling of the bracelets that will be available on Saturday... I will have TONS of colors and styles and sizes to choose from! They make great gifts!

*Each bracelet comes with at least three lava stones. You can apply 1-2 drops of any essential oil you like to the lava stone, wait a few minutes for it to absorb, then let the scent naturally diffuse throughout the next 1-3 days. Anytime you need a personal diffuser you just raise your wrist and breathe it in! And if you don’t use essential oils, that’s ok too! Lava stone by itself is said to be calming, relaxing and bring tranquility.

*l started making these bracelets as a fundraiser for a missions trip to Haiti. After the missions trip was over, I still had lots of requests for more bracelets! I felt the nudge from God to pursue it while continuing to donate to missions, so as a result, 20% of proceeds goes straight to missions through my local church!

*I love love love being able to combine my passions (oils, creating and missions) into something that that gives back and helps my little family financially. I am super happy to provide unique, handmade, one of a kind aromatherapy jewelry while allowing you to feel good about being a part of a greater cause.

*Follow Olive Tree Thriving designs on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop with new designs and specials! See you Saturday!
Boho Pretty Boutique 
Boho Pretty was founded by co-founders Amber Huber and Mary-Catherine Miller six years ago! We started out as a fashion truck and now have a store located in downtown Goshen as well as an online store and mobile app! 
  • Our mission is to provide trend-setting and unique pieces at a price that won't hurt your pocket book's feelings
  • We strive for quality products and superior customer service
  • We are dedicated to creating the most positive shopping experience online and via our little vintage camper turned chic boutique

Boho Pretty Stands For:

B.O.H.O- Beautiful On Her Own.

We hope to spread positive energy and help build esteem.  We hope to send the message that we are all beautiful on our own and in our own need to fall into that standard social norm of "pretty" because when  you're boho're beautiful on your own. 

 We Love:

  • Having fun with fashion and sharing that buzz with you
  • Working with organizations to raise money for their benefits or philanthropics
  • Building long-lasting relationships with our customers through private parties where we are able to give away lots of deals and gifts

Tune In Sunday Night Live at 8:30pm to See What Small Business Surprise We've Been Working On! Hint Hint...Small Business Box!!!

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