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We Are Now Also Offering Private Parties via Live FB Sales! Whoop Whoop!

Parties Can Be In- Store, Online,  or out of our adorable pink vintage camper! 

Hosting a Party cost you nothing and You Earn Free Clothes!

Submit a Party to Your Cart and we will contact you to book one at your convenience!  

See More Party Details Below

XOXO  See More Party Details Below


Where can Boho Pretty set up Stop & Shop Events? 

  • Spas & Salons
  • Other Businesses or Professional Organizations
  • College Campus Organizations
  • Private Homes
  • Have any other fabulous ideas for a Stop & Shop Party? Just let us know!
  • In Our Boutique
  • Online or FB Live!

What are the benefits of a Stop & Shop Party?

  • Hostess will receive 10% of all sales in free merchandise or...
  • 10% of the sales will be donated to your organziation or philanthropic
  • Discounted products and special giveaways
  • Reward Cards and gift card giveaways
  • Personal Style Consultations 

Why do we love Stop & Shop Parties?

  • We love the social aspect of shopping 
  • We love giving away free stuff
  • We love raising money for great organizations and philanthropy 


Book A Party at the boho pretty barn
book a party at the boho pretty barn
book a party mobile boutique online boutique vintage camper