Noonday Collection- Supporting Global Artisans

When we created Boho Pretty Mobile Boutique we had no idea how quickly it would take off and how demanding it would be to keep up with opportunities and requests for that cute little vintage camper.  We aren't complaining though, it's definitely been a blessing.   It allowed us to stay home with our babies while they were babies and has morphed with us through our different stages of mom-hood.  What once was only a fashion truck, grew to two fashion trucks, a storefront, and even a pop-up shop inside of Macy's.  We were able to evolve our mobile  boutique into a brick and mortar as our babies started school so that we could work more weekdays, while they're at school,  and less weekend events. We now even have our own app!

With all that being said, I've been finding myself feeling guilty.  What a luxury to be able to do that, right?  To work more when you want/need to and less when your family needs you more.  Don't get me wrong, we've worked really hard to get to the point of being able to do that and I'll never feel guilty for being more present with my children.  Yet, I'm fully aware that not everyone gets to experience that kind of flexibility.  I think that's what was pulling at my heart strings when I decided that I needed to find just a tad more space on that full plate of mine to commit to becoming a Noonday Collection ambassador.  While I've been struggling to make sure that I have enough quality time with my kids, there are women around the globe struggling to keep their children.  When presented the opportunity to sell the line (after hosting a trunk show at Boho Pretty) I felt in my heart a social responsibility to say "Yes".  On average each Noonday Collection  ambassador provides three artisans around the globe with sustainable jobs. How could I say no to supporting such an amazing brand especially when it fits in with what I'm already doing.


If you're not familiar with Noonday Collection, I'll be sharing more about the brand, beautiful handmade products, mission and sisterhood in an upcoming post.

But for now, can I just say how excited I am that we can offer Noonday Collection at Boho Pretty! You can browse some of our beautiful Noonday Collection  samples, place an order in store, online, or host a trunk show! It's such a great fit for our existing customers and pairs up so nicely with our Boho Pretty Style. Not to mention there are so many options and you'll be shopping for a cause and supporting global artisans. 

Head over to my ambassador website for the full story or see the Noonday Story video here.





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