About Us

Who We are:

We are a Mobile & Online Boutique bringing you all of the latest trends in women's clothing.

  • Our mission is to provide trend-setting and unique pieces at a price that won't hurt your pocket book's feelings
  • We strive for quality products and superior customer service
  • We are dedicated to creating the most positive shopping experience online and via our little vintage camper turned chic boutique

Boho Pretty Stands For:

B.O.H.O- Beautiful On Her Own.

We hope to spread positive energy and help build esteem.  We hope to send the message that we are all beautiful on our own and in our own way...no need to fall into that standard social norm of "pretty" because when  you're boho pretty...you're beautiful on your own. 

We Love:

  • Having fun with fashion and sharing that buzz with you
  • Working with organizations to raise money for their benefits or philanthropics
  • Building long-lasting relationships with our customers through private parties where we are able to give away lots of deals and gifts

Our Story:

We're two life-long friends and "Mommy-Preneurs" (that's mommy first and entrepreneur second) who have always shared a creative passion along with a love for fashion. Many talks have taken place over cups of coffee and glasses of wine with the topic of conversation many times landing us into the dream of creating a business together.  

A boutique was the obvious answer based on our love for fashion and background experience...but did we really want to manage a storefront seven days a week? Not really.  So, as opposed to managing a store all day long waiting for people to come to us, we thought how much fun it would be to take our store to our customers! What a perfect opportunity to connect with our clients and create a  more personal shopping experience enjoying a fun adventure along the way! So the camper provides that excitement and freedom we sometimes need as mothers while our website provides a foundation that allows us to work from home giving us a true work-life balance. 

We are really just two silly and crazy gals who laugh about 90% of the time we are together...which can sometimes get us into trouble. We're hoping this journey will take us to new places while allowing us to stay where our hearts are (home) more than a conventional corporate job would allow.  

Based in the Midwest, our Mobile Boutique is traveling to street festivals, college campuses, business & networking functions, philanthropic events, and to homes for private shopping parties!  You might also find us at one of our random "Stop & Shops" around small towns and big cities. 


Keep up with us and where we are going by following us on social media or viewing our calendar of events.

Learn more about our Private Parties & Events or schedule your own Stop & Shop  by Contacting Us. 


Random Facts:

In 1958, Shasta opened a plant in Goshen, IN to keep up with the demand for the popular travel trailer. Goshen, IN just happens to be home to Mary & Amber.

The Iconic Shasta Wing has been said to represent Freedom and Adventure! Two of the same attributes Amber & Mary are hoping Boho Pretty will represent!

It appears Mary & Amber's relationship with this vintage camper was a love meant to be...


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