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Small Business Love For Two Of Our Favorite Local Businesses

We're back with a super special blog post. This one is near and dear to our small business hearts. We are so blessed to have so many creative women owned businesses in our area and are even lucky enough to call these small business owners "friends."  We have so much love for these ladies and the businesses that they've created and wanted to share that love.  We've rounded up just a small sample of their talent, but if you love what you see (and we know you will) then check out their socials and give them a follow. 

First up is Wrapped in Lovely.

Here's what owner, April, has to say about her cute, unique business.

"Wrapped in Lovely started as a way for me to avoid a 9 to 5-type of summer job and turned into a creative outlet I just can’t give up. What can I say? I’m in love! ❤️ My heart literally skips a beat when I find a belt with a lot of character and potential.

That said, the majority of the cuffs and wraps I sell are made from upcycled belts with the option of adding a personalized hand-stamped metal plate. Just like each of us, every belt has a story, so even though there may be 2 or 3 of the same style of cuff made from one belt, no two cuffs are exactly the same. The way it was worn, the minor imperfections and variations make for a completely unique item that, once its gone, you won’t find the exact same thing again. It becomes even more personalized when a hand-stamped plate, with a message of your choosing, is added. When I say hand=stamped, I mean letter-by-letter, a hammer and letter stamp, no machines involved. They are truly cuffs that are uniquely you!

The power of words is an amazing thing. What better reminder and/or encouragement than a stylish piece of jewelry that’s been given new life and speaks directly into your own life?"

Next is a Owner, Haley, is truly a mom-boss! Nurse turned entrepreneur, she has a thriving group of local and online women who love being a part of her community and new earring drops! Haley offers a mix of styles and handmade creations, as well. Her beautiful clay earrings are unique and trend setting.  We're so glad to share the small business world with Haley. She is such a talented, kind human.



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